Martin Ranger U2800R
2 Channels UHF Wireless Microphone with Plug-in USB Recharging Lithium Battery

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Product Description

Martin Ranger : U2800R
2 Channels UHF Wireless Microphone with Plug-in USB Recharging Lithium Battery


  • Wireless Microphone wiht Plug-in USB Recharging Lithium Battery

  • Operation Range Up to 150Fts, Interference-resistant High-UHF Band Operation (Over 900MHz)

  • Dual-channel UHF Fixed Frequency (Available 6 sets different Channels)

  • Two C8(800Mah) Lithium Rechargeable battery used up to 5 hours after fully charge

  • One Independent XLR Balanced Outputs and One 1/4" Mixed Output


    Martin Ranger U2800R is a dual Plug-N-Recharge High-UHF(over 900MHz) wireless microphone system with the USB Recharging Lithium Battery mechanism on the top of the receiver or independent Rechargeable Base. The U2800R Dual channel UHF wireless microphone system with each microphone on its own independent UHF channel will gives you maximum utilization without the fear of frequency interference. The rechargeable Lithium battery offers between 5 hours of battery life per use. Additionally, the system offers one 1/4" output and one balanced XLR output connectors provides the highest signal quality to your mixer or amplifier. Located on the face of the unit you will the adjustable volume control knob, RF & AF indicators, power indicator, antennas, power switch and channel frequency display. The two extra AA 1.5V Battery holders can be converted to use when the USB Recharging Lithium Battery is recharged. Those make U2800R ready to be used at any time. Receiver

        Receiving Mode: Crystal Frequency Lock
        Frequency Range : 902.2MHz - 929.8MHz
        Frequency Stability : 15PPM
        Sensitivity: 3uV 30dB S/N
        Signal to Noise Ration : >100dB
        Audio Output: 0~0.5V/4.7K
        Output Connectors: One 1/4" unbalanced output jack, One XLR balanced output jack
        Power Supply: AC110-220V, 50/60 Hz


        Battery Life: Apprx. 4 continuous Hours per charge
        Power On LED
        Battery Low Indicator
        Modulate Mode : FM
        Emission Power : 30mV MAX
        Harmonic Suppression : 40dB
        Power : Two USB C8(800Mah) Lithium Rechargeable battery or Two AA 1.5V Battery


        Operating Frequency : 902.2MHz - 929.8MHz
        Frequency Stability: 0.005%
        Modulation Mode: FM
        Frequency Responses: 50-20,000Hz
        S/N Ratio: > 100dB
        Maximum Sound Pressure : ≥120dB
        Distortion Factor :≤1%
        Effective Field (in the open air) : 150Ft
        Operation Temperature : -10ºC to 50ºC

    Package Included:

        2 Wireless Microphones
        1 Receiver
        1 1/4" to 1/4" Microphone Cable (3 Ft.)
        2 USB C8(800Mah) Rechargeable Battery
        2 USB AA Battery Holder
        2 AC/DC Power Adapter ( one for Wireless Receiver and one for Charging Base)