1000W Digital Echo Mixing Amplifier with A/B Speakers Selector

Martin Ranger
Pure Sound 77, 1000W Digital Echo Mixing Amplifier with A,B Speakers Selector
Item# PS-77
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Product Description

The PURE SOUND 77 Professional Digital Echo Mixing Amplifier delivers a solid 1000 watts of power coming through two separate channels 2 pairs speaker. Karaoke singers will enjoy delivering a nice performance with powerful audio quality to really start the party! Sound goes through a 24-bit high performance digital signal processor where you can take advantage of some mixing functions such as Echo, and Digital Keying of the Modulation. The three microphone inputs on the front panel can all have their volumes adjusted independently from each other and independently from the music level allowing you to fine tune singers and music together.

In addition to handling all your karaoke needs, this unit can be used as the main receiver in your home audio system.  You can fill your entire room with sound nicely. Connect up to four audio/video sources to the rear panel for quick access.

The Speaker Selector on the front panel and two TVs outputs on the rear panel allow you to route four audio/video sources through Pure Sound 77 that distributes the audio/video to two rooms of your home. You can choose, or select, which areas of the home you want to have audio/video.


  • Music Master, Microphone Volume Control

  • Echo Control: Delay, Repeat, Echo Volume, Low-range, High-range control

  • Microphone Feedback Inhibitor Switch

  • 4 Sets of Audio Video Inputs (DVD, VCR, MIDI, AUX)

  • Audio/Video Output

  • 3 x 1/4" Microphone Inputs with Individual Microphone Volume Control (Front)

  • 2 x 1/4" Microphone Inputs (Rear)

  • Music Balance, Treble, Bass and Mid-ranger Controls

  • Subwoofer Output

  • Dual AC Voltage Selector (115V 60Hz/230V 50Hz)

  • 2 Pairs of Speaker Output Terminals

  • Banana Plugs or Speaker Wire

  • 11 Stereo Digital Keying of the Modulation

  • Adjustments of Settings through control knobs for more convenient operation

  • "A" and "B" Speaker System Selector.

  • Infrared Remote control