UHF Four Channels Modules Wireless Microphone System

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Product Description

The Martin Ranger U8800 is a wireless microphone system featuring a Rugged 1RU Metal receiver chassis and four wireless microphones included. Featuring technology like Audio Mute Circuitry and Patented Audio Reference Compounding Circuitry you get crisp, high-quality audio out of your system. This system is perfect for karaoke events, mobile DJ setups, public speaking, and religious functions.

The wireless microphones give you the freedom and mobility needed for active, professional performances, and is built for events with multiple speakers, where handing off microphones is a breeze.

Comes with Four Wireless Microphones

This unit comes with four microphones(3 Options Handheld, Conference and Bodypack) which are great for performances involving multiple people. Each microphone has its own volume dial on the base unit so you can balance the vocals as desired, and is on its own channel so you can control it individually -- they are also color coded for easy reference.

Audio Mute Circuitry for Quit Operation

Our audio mute circuitry technology cuts off background and ambient noise in the room, so you get a clearer performance with less noise.

Patented Audio Reference Compounding Circuitry

The Martin Ranger U8800 also features Patented Audio Reference Compounding circuitry, which reduces noise and crosstalk levels on the receivers. This means the dynamic range of the received signal is nearly the same as the original, giving you the same high quality sound you would get from wired microphones. The result is less background hiss and overload distortion, helping to ensure your performances are as clear and strong as possible.

Features Mixed XLR Outputs for Professional Quality Sound

The Martin Ranger U8800 features four mixed XLR outputs, giving you the highest quality sound possible. The mixed outputs lets you hook up all four microphones to one input on your mixer. This unit also features a mixed 1/4-inch output.

Individual Channel Outputs Give You the Most Control Possible Over Your System

Individual channels let you hook up each microphone to four different inputs on a mixer so you can adjust different sounds from your mixer board for each microphone.

Use Your System All Over the World

This unit can be used in America, Europe, and other compatible countries since it features an external DC Power Supply(1A 15VDC) that lets you change between 110v-60hz and 220v-50hz.

Other Great Features

Full metal panel is respectively allocated with each channel receiver, allocated with LCD display screen let you know the audio levels of each microphone.


  • 4 channel fixed frequency wireless microphone with modules installation

  • Working at low interference UHF band (902~927MHz)

  • 5 groups of frequencies available

  • LCD display working statue

  • Metal handheld mic and 1U standard rack mount receiver.

  • Reliable SMT technology

  • Dual filter design makes better anti-interference ability

  • External TNC rubber antenna

  • High performance capsule

  • Each channel has individual volume control.

  • Balanced and line output available.

  • Complies with New FCC Frequency Rules

  • Complies with New FCC Frequency Rules

  • 4 independent Field-replaceable Modules



  • Carrier Frequency Range:902~927MHz

  • Max Deviation: 50KHz

  • Oscillation mode: Quartz controlled Fixed Frequency

  • Stability: 10PPm

  • Sensitivity: 2uV @ sinad=12dB

  • Signal/Noise Ratio: >105 dB

  • Frequency Response: 60Hz ~ 16kHz

  • T.H.D at 1 kHz: 0.5%

  • Image Rejection: 85dB typical

  • Spurious Rejection: 75dB typical

  • Squelch Control: Dual-Squelch Circuit

  • Audio Output : Balanced: 0-400mV, Unbalanced : 0~300mV

  • Power Supply: External DC Power Supply 0.4A, 12~15VDC
  • Dimensions: 16.9"(L) x 1.8"(H) x 7.8"(D)


  • Transmitter Power: <30mW

  • Spurious Emission; <40dB

  • Battery: AA1.5V x 2

  • Battery Life: >10 hours