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JBK M-5000 Midi/DVD/CD+G Karaoke Player over 40,000 Songs with free WM-200 Rechargeable Wireless Microphone.

Description :

This machine has many features that will impress you. The JBK M-4000 will play just about any disc format you have ranging from MIDI discs, to DVD's and CD+G's. The included MIDI disc contains over 46,000 songs in 13 different languages so you're sure to satisfy every type of crowd. You'll be able to record all your performances onto a USB memory device and play them back whenever you want. The USB function doesn't end there though! You'll be able to connect MP3 players, digital cameras, and camcorders directly into the player. The All-Region player will allow you to play DVD's from all over the world so you can also use the M-4000 to play all your movies and karaoke DVD's.


Key Control (For MIDI, VCD and MP3 Karaoke)
Voice Cancel (For MIDI Vocal songs and VCD Karaoke
) Vocal Partner (For MIDI Vocal songs and VCD Karaoke)
Scoring Function (For MIDI, VCD and CD+G Karaoke)

Over 40,000 songs international languages on the included discs
Melody On/Off
3 Easy and Convenient Song Selection methods
Song Book ; Random Play ; On-Screen Song Title Menu Reserve up to 99 songs
9 Favorite Songs Lists, each holding 60 songs
Lyric On/Off and Scroll (Lyrics) Color Selection
Chinese and Korean Pinyin Lyrics (On/Off )
Record your singing into USB memory device and playback Supported Discs: MIDI, DVD, VCD, CD+G, DVD-R/RW, VCD, SVCD, Audio CD, CD-R/RW, MP3 CD, MPEG4,JPEG USB Hosting Features (Compatible with USB Memory, MP3P, Digital Camera, HDD Disc and Camcorder)


3 Mic Inputs (2 Front, 1 Back)
Digital Echo
NTSC/PAL Compatible
Progressive Scan: 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i
Auto Voltage (AC100-240V ~ 50/60Hz)
Audio Output:
5.1 Channel Output
4 Channel Output
Digital Out


JBK M-4000 Karokae Player
User's Manual
Remote Control
Two Song Books
AV Cable
Two Songs Midi Disc
Dual Channel Wireless Rechargeable Microphone System
Song Books

Brazil/Portuguese : 400
Cantonese : 645
Chinese : 9,532
Taiwanese : 2,574
English: 6,017
Indonesian: 2,886
Japanese: 567
Filipino: 2,513
Russian: 1,952
Spanish: 3,697
Korean: 9,145
Vietnamese: 3,436
MTV: 45