Martin Ranger
Pure Sound 11 Recording
with Speaker and Microphones

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Product Description

Special Offer! For a limited time only!
Martin Ranger Pure Sound 11Recording 300W Karaoke Amplifier($499.00)

With Martin Ranger Stage Music 5 10" 500W 3-Way Speaker ($399.00)

With UHF-700 Dual Wireless Microphone ($199.00)

Main Function & Specifications:

1.  Martin Ranger Pour Sound 11Recording:300W Digital Mixing Karaoke Amplifier with Built-In MP3 Recorder and Player

The unique design of PS-11 Recording is the world's first karaoke mixing amplifier with a built-in USB MP3 playback and recorder function. Whether you are singing, speaking or playing instruments, now you can digitally record all of your performances using the PS-11 Recording. You can record your performances as MP3 to the USB disk and playback right away. If you don't like the performance, you could delete immediately. You could  forever preserve your best performance for you or your singers. You can play the recorded MP3 track on your PC, on the amplifier, or post it online!

PS-11 Recording Professional Digital Karaoke Mixing Amplifier offers enough flexibility to make it perfect for a wide variety of applications. Its powerful 300W capabilities means the PS-11 Recording can easily drive two pairs of speakers at once powerful enough for just about any party or restaurant. If you're a home enthusiast and require crisp clean sound, this amplifier will provide you with quality sound.

Designed In Taiwan, the PS-11 Recording uses quality parts throughout to ensure that you'll always get top-notch performance. Oversized heat sinks keep the amp cool even when driving heavy loads, eliminating the need external cooling fans and guaranteeing silent operation.


  • Max Power Output : 300W

  • Build-in USB drive MP3 player with direct track access

  • Supports recording function to let you can record your vocal and background music into the USB in MP3 format while you are singing

  • Effecter Terminal Digital Echo

  • Infrared Remote Control 

  • Innovative Digital Echo Processing

  • Four (2Front/2Rear) Microphones Inputs for Usage

  • Microphone Auto-gain Level Indicators

  • Microphone Input Signal Attenuators

  • Individual Microphone Volume/Bass/Midrange/Treble/Balance/Echo Level Adjust

  • Individual Echo Effect (Volume/Bass/Treble/Repeation/Delay Time) control

  • Individual Music Volume/Balance/Bass/Midrange/Treble Adjust

  • 9 Steps Digital Key Control

  • DVD/USB/KOD/AUX Input Selector from 4 Music Sources

  • Overload and Short Circuit Protecting

  • Master Volume Automatic Reset

  • Wireless Remote controller

2.  Martin Ranger Stage Music 5 : 500W 3-Way Vocal Speaker

These Stage Music 5 speakers are built with quality materials and a higher sensitivity, providing maximum vocal sound per watt. They are also designed with emphasis on the midrange, which is perfect for live entertainment and Karaoke vocals. Each Stage Music 5 speaker is protected by heavy duty polish wood.

Stage Music 5, the best known name in professional karaoke around the world with unprecedented tweeters sound quality and power woofer.  The exceptional quality and smoothness of sound over the entire audible range ensure unprecedented excitement.  Once you have sung with these speakers, you will never be satisfied with anything less.  The clubs and bars that use these speakers will enjoy an excellent reputation among their customers.  We have every confidence in the outstanding sound quality of these speakers.


  • Type:3-way speaker system

  • Enclosure: Bass-reflex type

  • Mounted Drivers

  • Woofer:10" Cone Type

  • Midrange:4"Cone Type

  • Tweeter:1" Horn Type

  • Nominal Impedance: 4 and 8 ohms

  • Frequency Response:48Hz-20Khz

  • Sensitivity:96dB/W at 1m

  • Max Input Power:500watts

3.  Martin Ranger UHF-700 Dual Rechargeable Wireless Microphone

UHF-700 is a dual Plug-N-Recharge wireless microphone system with the recharge mechanism right on the top of the receiver and on the microphone. The UHF-700 Dual channel wireless microphone system with each microphone on its own independent channel will gives you maximum utilization without the fear of frequency interference. This UHF-700 microphone system offers superior sound quality and it offers the conveniences of Plug-N-Recharge feature built right on the microphone and receiver.  The rechargeable battery offers between 4 hours of battery life per use. Additionally, the system offers one 1/4" output and one balanced XLR output connectors provides the highest signal quality to your mixer or amplifier. Those make UHF-700 ready to be used at any time.


  • UHF Wireless Microphone System

  • Microphone and Receiver Channels Auto-Sync via Infrared

  • Two High Sensitive Microphones with LCD Indicators

  • Noise Reduce Technology

  • Recharge the battery on the receiver top

  • Dual frequency design. Be able to use two microphones at the same time without mutual interference.

  • Signal Channel LCD Display

Package Included:

  • 1xPure Sound 11Recording
  • 1xState Music 5
  • 1xUHF-700
  • 2x30" Speaker Cables